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Furnishing a modern living room: the golden rules and mistakes to avoid

Designing and furnishing a living room in a modern style can hide pitfalls: find out how to avoid mistakes and make your living area perfect for you.

When we analyze the desires and habits of use of the home by our customers through the analysis often shows that

the living room is the environment in which people prefer to spend most of their free time at home.

Designing and furnishing a modern living room is not an operation to be done lightly: in order for you to be satisfied with the design of your living room or your living area, it will have to meet both your aesthetic tastes and your daily needs and those of those who live with. you.

Otherwise you would end up with a beautiful environment that you would stop using and that you would even end up hating!

In addition, furnishing a living room today is even more difficult than in the past.

What we commonly call living room today is actually very different from what we wanted to describe with the same word twenty or thirty years ago.

What was a living room like thirty years ago?

Try thinking about your parents ‘or grandparents’ old house!

First I bet that the living room and kitchen were two rooms separated by an entrance, then I say that in the living room there were:

  • a couch
  • a TV placed above a dedicated cabinet or on a large buffet that occupied one or more walls
  • finally a nice dining table, the one for special occasions.

In short, the living room was once a somewhat special room, which had to be suitable both for moments of relaxation – but not so much then, there are also those who opened the living room only for the phantom “great occasions” – and for moments more convivial.

Let’s be honest, how many of you today want a room like this in your home ?!

Let’s start from an assumption:

in many modern homes, out of necessity or personal taste, the typical room/kitchen separation no longer exists and those display cabinets full of knick-knacks have gone into oblivion.

There is only one keyword that best describes a modern living room: lightness!

Be careful though: lightness does not mean a sofa, a coffee table and a TV stand placed at random!

Furnishing a modern living room is not as simple a task as it might seem!

Before starting to design a modern living room, you need to understand what this definition means
First of all, we need to define what is meant by “modern living room”.

  • How minimal does it have to be?
  • Does it have to be completely cold, or must it have shades of wood that warm the environment?
  • Can you imagine your modern living room warmed by a soft dove gray color?
  • Or with cold metallic grays, with the presence of steel or aluminum elements?
  • Still, do you prefer that there are touches of gold, bronze or copper to make the environment refined?
  • It sounds silly, but modern can mean many things.

How will you use your living room?
Furthermore, to design and furnish the living area, you need to clarify your ideas on how you will really use it.

Before thinking about the appearance, try asking yourself:

  • What is the living room for me?
  • How will I experience it every day?
  • How long will I spend there?
  • Will it be a space that I will often use alone, with my family, or with many guests?
  • For a family with whom we have recently worked, for example, the living room is the space dedicated to relaxation in front of the TV.

In this case, the TV becomes the protagonist of the environment, a real decorative element around which the design revolves: its use must be comfortable and pleasant.

Similar case also for a young couple for which we have carried out the project of the entire house:
On the contrary, a couple of recent customers told us that they watch TV from time to time, but above all have a predilection for evenings spent in the company of a good book.

Consequently, in their living room a modern, large bookcase could not be missing, ready to satisfy all their desires for relaxation and reading.

Often then one makes the mistake of thinking:

First of all you need to evaluate the spaces well, because if a room filled to the point of not having 5 cm of free wall is suffocating, it is also true that a semi-empty environment is desolating!

Of course, to harmonize a modern living room within an environment you can draw on a multitude of styles copied from some magazine or website, but it must not be just an artificial image that influences your choices.

The modern living room will be a space in which you will spend a lot of time in the next few years, it cannot be designed from a photo, regardless of how you will use it, how long you will want to spend it, with whom!

A second mistake frequently made is to think that furnishing modern living rooms simply means choosing furniture.

Designing your living area means so much more!

For a modern living room it is very important to dedicate the same evaluation time and the same care to the analysis of the old floors or to the choice of new ones, for example, the colors of the walls, the doors and windows, the finishes: all elements that must be combined with attention and harmony.

However, it is not certain that it will be enough to choose a color from a sample to create the perfect combination, it could instead materialize with the use of particular coatings for the walls.

All these things, however, you cannot know, unless you are an interior designer!

(And even many of them, in reality, would need a refresher …).

A modern living room, to be beautiful, must also be coherent
Another important element that is often underestimated is consistency :

not only between the furniture in the modern living room, but also between the living room and the rest of the house.

All the decorative and design elements that define the character of the house must be taken into consideration: fixtures, floors, colors, shapes and materials used in the other rooms must be in balance with those in the room.

Otherwise, the whole house will look like a jumble of different styles and moods with no rhyme or reason.


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